Registered Charity No.232208   Established 1963
Inland Revenue No. XN8555  Inland Revenue Self-Assessment No. XAD67AG

VEGFAM enables people overseas to help themselves, by providing funds for self-supporting sustainable food projects and the provision of safe drinking water, benefiting people who are often out of reach of the major charities.

VEGFAM "Feeds The Hungry Without Exploiting Animals" - by funding plant food projects: seeds and tools for vegetable growing, fruit and nut tree planting, irrigation and water wells. Also providing emergency feeding in times of crisis and disaster.

Since 1963, VEGFAM has funded (vegan) overseas famine relief projects in over 40 countries, helping people who suffer from the effects of: cyclones, disease, droughts, earthquakes, floods, natural/human made disasters, poverty, war and famine. 

We support sustainable, environmentally-aware projects that reduce the dependency on external food aid; decreasing the dependence on outside assistance.

VEGFAM funded projects are carried out by other Charities, NGO's, indigenous on-the-spot organisations and by people who are committed to helping their fellow Human Beings in practical and sustainable ways.
We work with and encourage such partners to carry out projects which do not exploit animals (or the environment), funding only ethically sound plant-food and water  projects.


For over 40 years, VEGFAM has provided Overseas Famine Relief in more than 40 countries, helping millions of people who were suffering from hunger, thirst, malnutrition and starvation.

We fund sustainable, self supporting projects which do not exploit animals or the environment.

The Fragile Environment of Developing Countries cannot support TWO populations Humans and their Food Animals. Animal derived food, especially if it is intensively produced, squanders resources and damages the Earth's fragile environment.

VEGFAM is one of only a few Charities in the UK which is trying to prevent Developing Countries copying our ecologically disastrous "Western" Lifestyle.
If you are a Vegan, Vegetarian and/or interested in environmental issues, VEGFAM'S work should be of particular interest to you. 

VEGFAM is professionally operated by volunteers, so as much as possible is spent on (vegan) famine relief projects.

To date, millions of people around the world are alive as a result of VEGFAM funded famine relief projects.


Donations are required to fund urgently needed plant food projects and safe water supplies - to alleviate or prevent: hunger, thirst, malnutrition and starvation.

Using plant foods is a far more efficient and sustainable way of addressing hunger overseas.
Food security prevents chronic malnutrition and starvation. 

helps others to help themselves, through self-supporting, sustainable projects.
With your help, we can continue to support plant-based food production and the provision of safe drinking water.

Beneficiaries of VEGFAM projects are often out of reach of the major charities and we are their only hope of help.


Food production/water projects, emergency food programmes and feeding centres have benefited: flood and earthquake survivors (including Tsunami), HIV/AIDS sufferers, homeless people, marginalised communities, maternity homes, orphanages, refugees, schools and colleges. Villagers and tribal people  are also helped.

90% of general donations are spent directly on famine relief projects.

From 2008 to 2011, Vegfam funded 37 projects in 22 countries, helping over 950,000 people.


Please support our work - £5.00 enables a family in India to be self-sufficient in fruit/vegetables or a family in Africa to have safe water. Food and water saves lives.

We rely on donations from our supporters. We do not receive funding from any other source.

To help VEGFAM continue this vital, famine relief work - please send a donation.
Sending a donation, however large or small will enable us to finance projects which alleviate hunger, thirst, malnutrition and starvation - benefiting many people throughout the world - people who are often out of reach of the major charities.



Help us to help others - please make a donation.