Projects Financed in 2011


Total Projects Financed in 2011 - £143,012
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During 2011, Vegfam financed projects which will directly benefit more than 165,000 people in 7 districts and 27 villages in 6 countries. A further 59,000 people shall also indirectly benefit from the projects.

A total of £143,012 was provided for: seeds, tools, tree seedlings, agricultural materials, live (growing) fencing, training and water resources.

Beneficiaries: children, communities, displaced persons, the elderly, the homeless and landless, marginalised people, orphans, pregnant and lactating women, refugees, villagers, vulnerable Poor and Extremely Poor households and women's groups.
These people are/were affected by conflicts, disasters (including fire and the Horn of Africa drought and famine), disease and disabilities, hunger, illness, malnutrition, under nourishment, starvation and thirst.

As a result of the Vegfam funded projects, the beneficiaries shall cultivate more than 3,800 acres of land (1,541 hectares), including: householders' plots, community land, vegetable gardens, woodlots and farmers field schools – to provide supplies of sustainably produced nutritious food for themselves, their families and as a source of income generation. Neighbouring villages shall indirectly benefit from the projects from the availability of locally produced nutritious food at affordable prices.

Water resources and irrigation supplies shall include the provision of water channels, 4 reservoirs, 4 solar powered pumps and 4 wells.

An emergency response was funded to benefit people affected by the Horn of Africa drought and famine by providing vegan food supplies, life saving water resources (rehabilitation of water points, provision of water filter units and fuel for water pumps in emergency boreholes), whilst later on 203 metric tonnes of seeds were financed to be planted as part of a recovery phase of the disaster.

The Vegfam funded projects shall enable self-sufficiency amongst the various beneficiaries whilst contributing to environmental sustainability and providing food security, nutrition, improved livelihoods, income generating opportunities and access to clean, safe water supplies.”

“Please support Vegfam's work. Enable us to continue funding such life saving projects. Every donation counts. Your contribution will really help and shall be greatly appreciated.”

Thank you for your support.

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